Student Stress

Written by Hailey Fitch


As the holiday season is here, and semester 1 of this year is coming to a close, there are many students (myself included) who feel stressed to the brim. If you’re in need to of guidance through the chaos of the season, look no farther.


I’m Stressed!

It all starts here, whether it’s one missing assignment after another, family, friends, or even just the holidays, stress can build from a number of different things. For many of us, stress isn’t just a one time deal and can come and go often if you aren’t sure how to handle it. The key to managing stress is finding ways to cope with it, and eventually, finding ways to get past it.


Getting Rid of Stress

There are many different ways for getting rid of stress. Lots of different tactics work from lots of different people but the key to getting rid of stress, is finding what works for you and making sure you remember to do it. For people such as Katelyn Tupaj, a teacher at the Innovation Academy, she finds her mind is most as ease while doing math problems, or during an intense exercise. Taking your mind off what’s driving you crazy, taking some for yourself, and being able to look at the scenario with a clear mind can provide an entirely  different outcome.


Taking the Time

Imagine that tomorrow you have the craziest midterm. You’re beyond stressed because you also have a three page paper do, and your mind is racing because you don’t know where to begin. Now, is the time to remember the  one thing you found that  works to diminish the tension you feel.  If you can take just five, ten, maybe fifteen minutes to do that one thing, you can look at your situation with fresh eyes. Freshman Alyssa Abramo says that she spends a little bit of time every single day playing games on her phone, working out, and playing soccer, to get help her with the stress that life puts on her.


Stress has a tendency to build, but if you are able to make the smallest time adjustments, you may be able to turn around the way you look at all current and future stress.