From Team to Family

As a senior in highschool, I looked at my last year of playing soccer with both hope and sadness, but I never could’ve imagined that it would be so special. As you’ve probably seen in movies and tv shows, sports teams, clubs, and organizations can hold some of the strongest bonds between high school students. This couldn’t be more true for the boys and girls varsity soccer teams at the Innovation Academy Charter School. When the players aren’t at games or at practice, they are usually planning team events. Bonding is a huge part of each team and just about any member would tell you the same thing.


IACS Boys Varsity Soccer team huddled up before their Senior Night game.

Senior Ben Procter has been with the team for since his freshmen year and wishes he got to spend more time with the team he is so close with. When I asked Ben what he liked most about bonding with his team, he said “the best times are when we are all together and everyone is being themselves and they can just have fun without being in that soccer atmosphere.” This same idea exists through the girl’s varsity team as well and senior Emily Reed feels the same way. “I think when a team is connected and gets along well, it just makes things so much better and makes you want to go to practices and be a part of a team.” Emily goes on and tells me

“In past years the team didn’t get along as well as we have this year and the closeness we have had actually benefited us and it made this season so much more enjoyable.”   

While being part of a high school is a huge time commitment, the people you meet and the friendships you build may make the experience even more worthwhile.


IACS Girls Varsity Team after their first win against Mystic Valley during the first game of the 2017 season.